IncandescentAPI v1.1 – New features and authentication deprecation

We’ve just pushed out version 1.1 of the API. This version has new features and protocols to make working with the api easier


  • Added the ‘multiple’ parameter to tell the scraper to check each image multiple times. Doing so costs more credits, but increases the chance of getting more results. Docs
  • A new, simpler credential variable ‘auth’ is now supported. This is much easier to generate than the incumbent ‘signature’ as it relies on MD5. Docs
  • We added the option to send the entire JSON object through the POST variable ‘payload’, rather than it being required to use the entire POST body (which is difficult to achieve on some frameworks). Docs

Removals and deprecations

  • The (previously deprecated) ‘meta[da]’ metric was removed from /get/ – Moz keeps banning our API key due to high usage.
  • The legacy authentication method ‘signature’ has been deprecated. Due to the high amount of applications using this, it will not be sunset for several years. Docs